However, it is assumed that the systems shown in each of FIGS. The control signal may be produced automatically in response to a measurement of signal strength or some other optimal signal quality, in order to accomplish beamsteering via the selection or adjustment of stripline length. This is especially useful in the integrated repeater. The signal repeating element of claim 4 wherein the at least one dipole receive antenna element is a bow-tie dipole element. The housing comprises two sections joined by a coaxial cable a.

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Conventional detents can be used to indicate the successive increments, and to hold the repeater at each incremental position until it is advanced to the gaminf position.

US20140127989A1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

Some external system would monitor or qualify each output to determine the optimal or desired one, at which point the RF switch would be controlled to select that respective antenna element This additional isolation can be used to achieve greater repeater gain, and therefore significantly extend the range of the system.

For two adjacent antennas, oriented in the same direction, where one is transmitting active and the other is receiving passivethe active antenna pushes virtual electrons into space which terminate on the passive antenna. This process will work with many, if not most, of the digitally adaptive algorithms for feedback control.

A system of gmaing or beam selection other than a Butler matrix may also be utilized without departing from the invention. The secondary repeater s may be placed inside the structure or even placed external to the structure such that the RF signal can be re-transmitted into the structure through the windows or walls of the structure.

System and method for utilizing forward error correction with video compression. Method and apparatus for responding to events affecting communications in a communication network.


The circular configuration facilitates a choice of dimensions that achieve the desired cancellation of feedback currents because of the uniformity of the lengths of the feedback paths between the two antennas with such a configuration.

In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, the signals from the main and Rx diversity antennasare combined at the combining network with equal gain from the low noise amplifiers The LEDs astrn other display elementsas well as suitable circuitry for determining signal strength, or some other desirable measure of signal quality may recceiver incorporated in the flat panel antennaor indeed in any antenna configured in accordance with the invention. The structure of the fins 72 a – d will also be described in wire,ess detail below.

Advantageously, the invention makes possible the implementation of receive diversity in a repeater being used in a wireless communication system. For PCS frequencies, these figures may result in a repeater range of less than feet.

USA1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

The antenna transmits and receives signals relative to a base station at some remote location. The modem would control the M: The base station may include a towertransmit and receive antennas and base station equipment In another embodiment, the repeater system of the present invention is used in satellite transmission applications such as digital radio.

Thus, increasing the size of the faces of the side-to-side repeater reduces the amount of energy that each face radiates gaminh the backward face. Additionally, it aids the installation of the unit indoors assuming sufficient lighting, to recharge the batteries, where there is no local power plug. In one embodiment, the gain block includes a radio frequency RF amplifiera band pass filter and a second RF amplifieras shown in FIG.

This is especially useful in the integrated repeater. The antenna elements on the opposite side of the repeater are mounted adjacent the inside surface of the radome Transmitter for digital portable radio equipment and high frequency power amplifier used for it.



The accompanying drawings, which are incorporated in and constitute a part of this gamint, illustrate embodiments of the invention and, together with a general description of the invention given above, and the detailed description given below, serve to explain the invention.

Each antenna array uses a row of M horizontally spaced elements to achieve the desired azimuth beamwidth and N vertically spaced rows of elements to achieve the desired elevation beamwidth. System and method of integrating and concealing antennas, antenna subsystems and communications subsystems.

wlreless For a given size antenna element patch, dipole, etc. This additional isolation can be used to achieve greater system gain, and therefore significantly extend the range of the system. Each column – 1- 2etc.

In the illustrated embodiment, the signals from the antennas and are aligned in phase by the combining network and uplink channel modulein addition to being combined with equal gain settings on each path. The relatively thin housing a between the two faces or surfaces a and a may house the electronics. Departing from the prior art, the repeater of the invention comprises an integrated repeater system in which the repeater electronics are incorporated into a single unit or module along with the two antennas.

These features offer significant advantages in improving the isolation between the two antennas, which in turn improves the gain performance or stability margin of the repeater, as will be discussed in more detail below.